Coming Soon: Wilby Park – A New Feature Film

‘If you want to destroy a man, break the thing he loves.’

Emily Bodega bewitches Amelia Hamlyn

The ring's the thing... Emily Bodega bewitches Monica Hamlyn

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When a new house mate arrives in a cottage of female art students she discovers that one of her new roomies is dating the boy she fancies. In retaliation she launches a series of sinister psychological games against her love rival.

Wilby Park is a psychological thriller set in the fictional village of Wilby, embedded somewhere in the south of England.

A Young Girl took a walk through Wilby Park but has no memory of it. What happened to her?

Wilby Park is a feature length film produced by Luxurious Dread, written and directed by Ian Fielding and starring Claire Conroy, Laura Evelyn, Jessica Stanley, Susan Momoko Hingley, Rosalind Stockwell, Andrew Mills, Samantha Roberts, Louise Houghton and Catherine Hannan.

Wilby Park is currently in Post Production.

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