Laura Evelyn: The challenge of a characters journey

Laura Evelyn Wilby ParkLaura Evelyn decided to become a professional actor in the last year of her degree in performance at Northumbria University. She graduated with honours and went on to Guilford School of Drama. Since then she been working for a wide range of  productions in theatre, film and television.

C.R. What was it like to receive the call telling you, you got the part of Emily?

Laura: I was very pleased but at the same time I was aware of the challenge facing me. The script was very surreal and I knew I would have to trust my director a hell of a lot. The vibe I got from Ian is that he is very intelligent, with lots of vision and imagination. I had to hope he knew what I could bring to the role. In this sort of work is good to have a good relationship with your director.

C.R. What did you bring to Emily Bodega?

Laura: She is a character that is larger than life with a big imagination so I related to her, being Emily came naturally. I really enjoy playing such an intense character with imagination, I’m in my element.

Emily’s deeply troubled. She’s incredibly jealous, a mixture of intense and something’s not right. She has a lack of conscience, a weird insecurity, and an unhappy childhood. Even if this isn’t her apparent motivation I wanted to show this background behind her eyes.

In some ways she’s like Kathy Bates from Misery. The way she looks at James Caan’s character. Outwardly there is nothing you can connect with but she is obsessed by Paul Sheldon. No conscious action of hers comes from anything another person can fathom. Emily is selfish but not self absorbed, she has tunnel vision.

C.R. You’ve done a lot of theatre as well as film, which do you prefer?

Laura: I’ve made a short commercial for Matt Beaumonts’s book Small World. In the last few months I’ve been drawn toward comedy theatre. When you are working the live comedy circuit you get lots of contacts, people say you’re good at comedy come and work for us.

Currently my favorite current show is How to die in a domestic environment. It was at Brighton Festival and Jackson Lane theatre. It’s a surreal tragic-comedy. I play a woman who has no identity and desperately searches for it. It sounds very dark and it is but it’s also very comic.

Working on Wilby was nice because it was so different. I was part of the sitcom trials in Leicester Square theatre. So I went from the intensity of my work in Hampshire to comedy.

It was exciting in a way. I was stretched keeping the journey of the character. It’s the same with any film the scenes are shot out of order. I want to keep Emily ending in the right emotional place in the journey. Emily is very focused and her goal is to make Monica’s life a misery. She thinks she’s very controlled but her imagination isn’t. Her character has to struggle; I’ve to got show that struggle emotionally.

C.R.What would your dream role be?

Laura: My dream role would be Rosaline from Shakespeare’s As you like it. She’s strong and witty. She falls in love with someone who falls in love with her. She lives in her family’s house; her world is potentially very happy and adventurous. It helps she’s tall and I’m tall.


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