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Wilby Park, DVD release

Yes, Wilby Park is now available to buy from Here’s an exclusive glimpse of the cover art…

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Wilby Park Screening, The Garrison London

Thank you to everybody who turned up to The Garrison London screening of Wilby Park. A most excellent occasion. The Garrison threw down a plush, accommodating environment with a formidable sound system. See the video below for a slim taster of what transpired…

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Wilby Park has been drawing acclaim as it has toured the country and now it is time to see the film for yourself. Finally available online, you have the option to purchase either as a four day rental or download the entire film to keep forever.

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Wilby Park is a dream of hidden thoughts and sliding meanings that collide in terrifying ways. It is a mystery, a puzzle and a labyrinth. Nothing is what it seems and everything is to play for…

Terrific performances in a surreal nightmare universe that will blow your mind

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Starring Claire Conroy, Rosalind Stockwell, Laura Evelyn, Jessica Stanley, Susan Momoko Hingley and Andrew Harwood Mills

Directed by Ian Fielding

The roadshow success comes to home..

An independent film classic

A daring and provocative film you will need to see again and again..

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Wilby Park Bristol Screening

Thank you to everybody who turned up to the Wilby Park film screening at The Arts House in Bristol. A great night was had by all.

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